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Main Contact: Claudia Wolf

Telephone: +31 (0) 20 760 8200



Address: Beech Avenue 121, 1119 RB, Amsterdam-Airport Schiphol

EXSYN Aviation Solutions

EXSYN Aviation Solutions is an industry recognized partner for engineering & data solutions for the aviation industry. Driven by the purpose of supporting airlines ad MRO’s to adapting to an increasingly digital aviation world, EXSYN’s capabilities have grown from a sole consulting firm to an aviation IT and managed service provider. EXSYN’s offering of applications and services is specialized for the fields of aircraft data management, data analytics & aircraft data processing.

Our solutions are driven out of real airline use-cases and focus on aircraft reliability management, predictive maintenance, data processing and managed services for data migration, aircraft data optimization, and robotic process automation.

Avilytics, TITAN, Consulting Service, AMOS Support

EXSYN's Solutions

Avilytics                                            TITAN

Achieve optimal fleet availability against the lowest costs. Data within an airline's technical operation is increasing rapidly and constantly. Bring the power of data visualization & analytics to your Engineering & Maintenance department with a readily available tool. Always in Sync thru real-time updates of operational, engineering, and airworthiness data and available on your browser and mobile devices.
Enable your team to conduct a migration or phase-in quickly against high data integrity. TITAN ETL is more than just an ETL engine, it gives aviation engineers a readily available infrastructure without the need to involve the IT department. Engineers can get access to standardized pre-build aircraft data migration scripts and EXSYN's data warehouse to enrich data to speed up data migration projects and aircraft phase-ins. We have used the TITAN ETL in conjunction with many different MRO software systems, including Mainframe systems

                                                                       AMOS-care                               Consulting Service

A solution that provides all-round AMOS support services in order to get the most benefit out of AMOS.

Increase data quality and reduce costs by empowering your team with our in-depth knowledge around aircraft data & data migration. EXSYN's aviation and aircraft data experts support and advise airlines in adapting their processes to an increasingly digital aviation world. EXSYN’s consulting service focus on two major area’s:
  1. Aircraft data quality improvement and optimization
  2. Data migration support during a MRO software implementation or aircraft phase-in/phase-out

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