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Envision V1.6 - New Sales Billing functionality


If you are providing MRO services, either as part of your internal airline operations or as a  third party maintenance provider, you will be very aware of some of the day to day commercial challenges associated with managing these maintenance activities including:-

  • How do I accurately and easily quote for additional work?
  • If I have a multi-faceted contract, how do I break out the Fixed Price Routine costs from the additional Non Routine charges?
  • How do I manage all the warranty claims?
  • How do I control the generation of multiple invoices which need to be generated at multiple time periods during the duration of the check and potentially against multiple customers?

The enhanced “Sales Grouping” functionality provided as part of the Envision V1.6 release has been designed with the aid of a leading MRO company and developed specifically to address the complex and specific requirements relating to the commercial control of maintenance work packs. The aim of this new functionality is to allow the MRO / Airline M & E organisation efficiently manage all the commercial elements of controlling a work pack ensuring that you are able to maximise the profitability of the check.

Some of the key elements of this functionality includes:-

  • New abilities to group tasks and inspection items together by codes such as issuer or type for easier identification of task sub groups
  • New sales pricing function where the sales value of both the work card and Maintenance Inspection Items can be defined by a combinations of parts, labour and services.
  • Significant enhancements to enable any number of sales groups to be defined against any work order. These sales groups can be used to replicate the contractual charging groups for work carried out and route those groups to the applicable invoicing recipients. These sales groupings make it easy to identify, track and invoice for routine work, non-routine work, warranty work, corrosion rectification etc. Each group can have separate charging structures for labour, parts and services. This leads to far more accurate billing in line with contracts, the ability to part invoice to staged payment schedules, significantly reducing
  • Days to bill
  • Invoice queries
  • Effort to invoice
  • Provision of a new customer quotation capability based on the content of these sales groupings.
  • The ability for the user to easily select which parts / labour bookings / services are part of which sales grouping, thus ensuring all parts and bookings are billed.
  • Ability for example, to individually (or collectively) invoice each of the different sales groupings. This will allow the fixed price elements of the check to be invoiced as early as possible while some of the additional Non routine charges can be invoiced later when all the additional charges have been collected.
  • Ability to manage all the associated warranty claims and invoice to the relevant parties for the relevant costs.