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Regourd Aviation group has selected iCARE AMS® Aircraft Management System by AMC AVIATION, to replace its old maintenance information systems

Founded in 1976, REGOURD AVIATION has asserted itself as an important actor of the aviation sector in Africa by combining security, punctuality and requirement fulfillment.

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Paperless Aviation Maintenance Task Cards, Line Maintenance and Inventory Software Demo Webinar

Webinar Session 1 - 06:30 UTC/GMT - 27th June 2019 - Paperless Aviation Maintenance Demo Webinar

Webinar Session 2 - 14:30 UTC/GMT - 27th June 2019 - Paperless Aviation Maintenance Demo Webinar

Register to attend this Webinar and join the paperless and mobile maintenance specialists at EmpowerMX as they walk you through a live demo and full overview of their popular and powerful software suite: FleetCycle. During the Webinar, you will be taken on a tour of the FleetCycle suite of modules, as used by airlines, operators MROs and OEMs of all sizes worldwide, to establish or enhance enhance paperless and mobile processes including generating and assigning electronic task cards (routine and non-routine), providing engineers with all the information they need within the task card via mobile devices and using electronic signatures; quickly generating a detailed maintenance check plan; tracking execution in real-time throughout maintenance activity; planning and forecasting maintenance schedules; and more...

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