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Aircraft IT MRO - Summer 2012

Aircraft IT MRO - Summer 2012

White Paper: 
MRO Business Networks need MRO IT Networks
Michael Wm Denis, Vice President Customer Engagement, InfoTrust Group
Case Study: Qantas Engineering steps up to a new MRO IT system
Geoff Zuber, General Manager Aerospace & Utilities, Holocentric
Case Study: Documentation in the 21st Century
Julie Steadman, Principal Airworthiness Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways
Case Study: Getting high value by spreading IT Services
Dr. Franck Duluc, Engineering & Maintenance Research Manager, Airbus

Plus: Industry news, Technology Updates, Live Software Demo Webinars, MRO Software Directory, Vendor Job Card, Past Webinar Recordings, How I see IT (new Column), MRO IT Event preview, plus more.

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