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Aircraft IT MRO - March/April 2014

Aircraft IT MRO - March / April 2014

Case Study: National Airways Corporation - Stepping up with MRO Software 
Rob Vogel, Senior Manager, National Airways Corporation 
Early Adopters of S1000D & iSpec 2200.  
How civil aviation organizations are adopting best practices to support iSpec 2200 and S1000D information exchange standards to accommodate both existing and new-generation fleets.
David Boyer, VP Of Aerospace Operations, Flatirons Solutions
Tim Larson, Global Product Manage, Flatirons Solutions 

Using Data to Improve MRO Schedule Management
A. Ben Zakour, Research and Development Engineer, 2MoRO Solutions 
Stronger when Tackled Together.
How Regulatory Compliance can be leveraged and arranged to deliver a range of real business benefits.
Geoff Zuber, Director, Holocentric 

Plus: Industry news, Technology Updates, Live Software Demo Webinars, MRO Software Directory, Vendor Job Card, Past Webinar Recordings, plus more.
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