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Aircraft IT MRO - June/July 2013

Aircraft IT MRO - June / July 2013

White Paper: A Fresh look at Information: Technical Publications and Management.

JD Sillion, VP Products and Solutions, InfoTrust Group
White Paper: Use your Intelligence - the Intelligent use of special software give MRO companies a decisive competitive edge.
Ulrike Fuchs, Press and Marketing Officer, PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH 
Case Study: No Need to delay: The challenges and benefits of a fast MRO Software Implementation.
Mutlu Uzun, Managing Director, 4U Aircraft Design and Engineering GmbH
White Paper: Plan for MRO Software implementation Project Success
Wesley J. Parfitt, CEO, EnvelopeAPM Inc.

Plus: Industry news, Technology Updates, Live Software Demo Webinars, MRO Software Directory, Vendor Job Card, Past Webinar Recordings, plus more.

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