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Aircraft IT MRO - February/March 2013

Aircraft IT MRO - February / March 2013

Case Study: 
RFID: Leading the way with Inventory Management
Rick Lewis, Business Analyst, Delta TechOps
Case Study: Organising Data for more useful outcomes
Amol Salaskar, Manager Engineering IT, Jet Airways
Column: ACG v Olympic Airlines - is the definition of 'airworthy' changing?
Michael Wm Denis, Vice President, InfoTrust Group
White Paper: Technical Records - Making them work
Julien Albrecht, General Manager, Aircraft Data Systems
White Paper: What should a CIO think about?
Ravinder Pal Singh, Global Chief Information and Technology Officer, Air Works

Plus: Industry news, Technology Updates, Live Software Demo Webinars, MRO Software Directory, Vendor Job Card, Past Webinar Recordings, plus more.

vikash, 21/02/2013 at 10:46am

You have been asked to chose a software for your MRO company what information is required for MRO, and what software would you recommend and why?

RENGARAJAN PARAMASIVAN, 24/03/2013 at 9:10am

What are the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for an MRO organisation doing third party aircraft maintenance ?

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