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These Webinar recorded video files offer you the perfect opportunity to quickly see a live overview of the major MRO software systems on the market.  Each demonstration lasts for 1 hour and provides airlines, aircraft operators and MROs with the perfect introduction to an MRO software solution.

How to view a Recorded Webinar session:
  • Use the Webinar Recording search options below or view the details of the latest recorded sessions on the right and select a Webinar recording you would like to view.
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  • Once approved the video file will appear in your Member's Area at the Aircraft IT website.
  • You can then view the Webinar recording as many times as you wish and share it with your colleagues.

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AMOS M&E / MRO Software Demo & Overview On-Demand Webinar [inc: AMOScentral; AMOSmro] (2017 Webinar) [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 9th November 2017) for an excellent chance to view software demos and a full overview of one of the industry’s leading MRO / M&E IT solutions: AMOS - including a review of the innovative virtual AMOS community collaboration platform AMOScentral; the latest developments in the AMOSmro package; and a look at go-live services designed to maximize ROI (return on investment) and promote the digitalization of maintenance processes.

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FLYdocs - Paperless Aircraft Lease Returns Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 26th October 2017) and join the paperless aircraft lease return specialists FLYdocs as they walk you through their industry leading solution. Using live software demonstrations of the powerful FLYdocs solution, you will see how aircraft lease transactions can be performed in a completely paperless way, revolutionising this critical process and providing significant time and cost savings. You will also see how FLYdocs changes the way aircraft documentation and data are accessed and managed and can integrate with any M&E / MRO system.

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IDMR Solutions- Paperless Aviation Maintenance Task Cards & Auditing Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 7th September 2017) and join the paperless aviation maintenance specialists IDMR Solutions as they walk you through two recent updates and additions to their software suite. Using live demonstrations of the powerful InForm software system you will see how to establish or enhance a truly paperless maintenance process including generating task cards, work orders / packages, with any M&E system, e-signatures and more. You will also see a demo of a new ground-breaking audit module, allowing airlines, MROs and aircraft operators the ability to audit their Vendors in a paperless format.

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Blockchain in Aviation & Logistics On-Demand Webinar: Bringing Trust, Transparency & Traceability [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 24th August 2017) for an excellent chance to discover how Blockchain technology can revolutionize aviation. During the Webinar you will hear from Air France Industries / KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M), Microsoft, and Ramco Aviation as they walk you through the key processes and opportunities.

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CrossConsense - Electronic Logbook (ELB / ETL) Software Demo Webinar [inc: Cockpit; Cabin & M&E] [Pre-recorded]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 29th June 2017) this Webinar for a great chance to see a full software demo of one of the market leading Electronic Logbook solutions: CROSSMOS from CrossConsense. During the Webinar you will see how CROSSMOS fully replaces the traditional paper technical logbook with an electronic version, can be configured for any airline or aircraft operator with any fleet (from retro-fit, to built-in, with EFB or standalone), integrate with any M&E / MRO software solution or processes, and requires minimal training.

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