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Maintenix Aviation M&E/MRO Software Demo & Overview Webinar [inc Airline/Operator & MRO Integration] [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:
 Maintenix Aviation M&E / MRO Software Demo On-Demand Webinar: Earning Customer Confidence - How greater interoperability between airlines and third-party MRO providers can deliver on the flight operations promise.

Host: Mxi Technologies
Date Recorded: 9th June 2016
Duration: 62 minutes

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Webinar Introduction:

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 9th June 2016) for a great opportunity to see a full overview and demo of one of the industry's leading Aviation M&E / MRO Software Solutions: Maintenix from Mxi Technologies.  As the Webinar will show you, Maintenix is a comprehensive, fully integrated software package used by large airlines, regional carriers, low-cost airlines, aircraft operators, MRO facilities and OEMs throughout the world.

During the Webinar the Mxi experts take you on a tour of Maintenix and the rich functionality the system provides as well as covering the latest developments to the system.  You then see a Maintenix system demo focusing on the seamless interoperability between airlines and MROs, including electronic sharing of requested work scope, real time status, and completed activities. 

Full Webinar Overview:

Maintenix System Demo: Customer Confidence - How greater interoperability between airlines and third-party MRO providers can deliver on the flight operations promise

Optimized return to service of an airworthy aircraft is critical for airlines focused on delivering high quality, on time flight services for their customers.  Similarly, achievable and reliable turnaround times are key for MRO service providers to deliver on their promise of service excellence.

As operators plan and package heavy maintenance to meet fleet availability and ideal yield targets, a trusted MRO partner is important to delivering on business-critical passenger commitments. The challenge lies in finding a solution that can eradicate traditional paper-based and dual entry management approaches, offering both organizations the seamless interoperability they need to meet their respective objectives, in a highly flexible and affordable manner.

In this webinar, presented by Mxi Technologies, see how its progressive, mobile-ready Maintenix software suite enables both MRO service providers and airlines to meet their individual goals while also facilitating the most effective and efficient communication between the two organizations, including electronic sharing of requested work scope, real time status, and completed activities.

Sign up today to view this On-Demand Webinar, and witness first-hand how Maintenix delivers:
  • Advanced Planning:
    Operational Fleets - prepare for what the future holds with multi-horizon line, long-range and production planning tools that ensure the optimal use of parts and labor across all maintenance work.
    - MRO Slots – Prepare for what the future holds by accurately scheduling and planning maintenance visits by balancing work requirements against resource availability
  • Heavy Maintenance Work:
    Operational Packaging - bundle routine, out of phase, and deferred items to address both airworthiness requirements, and fleet improvement initiatives.
    MRO Production Planning Efficiently create a trustworthy production plan through reusable project plan templates, automated sequenced sensitive packaging, auditable non-routine estimates and alerts of new or updated work items not reliably incorporated into current plan.
  • Electronic Airline to MRO Communications – facilitate accurate and timely data sharing.
  • Optimized Hangar Operations – replicate best practices across every hangar visit, improving turn-around-times and safeguarding aircraft compliance at all times.
  • Transparent Customer Service Management – promptly satisfy customer requirements with accurate quoting, status reports and work approvals, and timely invoicing.
Webinar Agenda:
  • Best practices in enabling closed loop communications and work sharing between airlines and MRO partners.
  • Maintenix software demonstration.
  • The business benefits achieved by Maintenix commercial and MRO customers.
  • Question and answers.
About Mxi Technologies:

Mxi Technologies is a leading provider of integrated and intelligent maintenance management software, support and services catering specifically to the global aviation industry, including commercial and defense operators, third-party MROs, and OEM aftermarket service providers. Mxi Technologies’ suite of Maintenix® software is uniquely designed to help aviation organizations maximize the revenue potential of their aviation assets through standard, lean, and predictable maintenance. Featuring a modern, Web-based and mobile-enabled architecture, the Maintenix suite delivers advanced capabilities such as controlled workflow, automated maintenance and materials planning, point-of-maintenance access to real-time information, and paperless execution and compliance. Mxi’s global footprint of customers range from emerging, small to midsized organizations to the largest global enterprises, with single to multi-site deployments that scale as high as 6,000 users in a single instance. For more information, visit us at 


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