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IFS / Maintenix Aviation Maintenance Software Demo On-Demand Webinar [inc: Tail Planning, Engine] [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:
 IFS / Maintenix Aviation Maintenance Software Suite Demo Webinar [inc Software Demos: Maintenix Line and Heavy Maintenance; Tail Planning Optimization and Assignment; Engine Overhaul Management; more...]

Host: IFS
Date Recorded: 15th June 2017
Duration: 74 minutes

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Webinar Overview:

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 15th June 2017) for an excellent chance to see a full overview and demo of IFS's enhanced aviation maintenance software suite.  Following the January 2017 acquisition of Mxi Technologies and its Maintenix software suite, IFS has now become a world leading provider of aviation maintenance software solutions.  During the Webinar, IFS experts demo the following solutions: Tail Planning Optimization and Assignment; Engine Overhaul Management; and, of course, the popular Maintenix Aviation Maintenance Management software suite and its different modules.  As you will see the solutions are used by airlines, aircraft operators, MROs and OEMs of all sizes throughout the world, and can be used together or individually to compliment any existing IT structure.  

In this dynamic and changing industry, airlines operate with a range of overhead costs impacting their profitability but that they cannot directly influence - such as fuel, salaries, aircraft ownership, airport fees and national taxes.  However, aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) is one significant overhead that airlines can influence to drive greater profitability and customer satisfaction. During the Webinar you will see how the IFS software suite assists in driving maintenance efficiencies for their customers large and small including: Qantas, Icelandair, Emirates, Southwest, GA Teleysis, PSA Airlines, NetJets, KLM, HAECO, Ethiopian Airlines, and lots more.

During the Webinar you will see demos of the following Solutions:
  • IFS Maintenix Aviation Maintenance Management Software: You will be taken on a tour of the various modules and integrated, rich functionality including advanced maintenance planning, mobile and paperless M&E, data sharing, and more... before providing in-depth demos showing how to execute line and heavy maintenance using the sophisticated NextGen tools available to engineers on any device and at any location.  

  • IFS Tail Planning Optimization and Assignment Solution: Next you will see how this dynamic software tool enables airlines to effectively assign aircraft to routes, even coping with short-term requests to change the schedule, ensuring the right planes are always assigned to the right destinations.  The solution also combines short-term maintenance planning and maintenance crew availability with tail planning to ensure optimum availability of appropriate aircraft to operate all schedules at all times. 

  • Engine Overhaul Software Solution (IFS Complex Assembly MRO): Finally you will see a demo of IFS Complex Assembly MRO solution to manage the entire engine overhaul process, including an exclusive look at the IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence solution as used by Emirates to manage their business processes and strategy for each Engine Overhaul. The demo will follow the key aspects of Engine Overhaul processes using tollgates (Gate 0-4).
Webinar Agenda:
  • Introduction to IFS and overview of the Mxi acquisition
  • Solution demonstration of the following:
    - The IFS Tail Planning Optimization and Assignment Solution
    - The IFS Complex Assembly MRO Solution
    - The IFS Enterprise Operational Intelligence
    - IFS Maintenix Operator Edition
  • Questions and Answers
About IFS

IFS is a globally recognized provider of both enterprise-wide solutions and best-of-breed point software products designed specifically for the global aviation & defense (A&D) markets, including commercial aviation and military operators, A&D manufacturers, in-service support and third-party Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) providers. IFS’s solutions support project and program-centric manufacturing for the A&D industry; a complete spectrum of mission-critical maintenance management capabilities for sea, land and air assets, from heavy, complex, and component MRO, to line maintenance or at-platform/asset support; as well as solutions to support all types of procurement models from traditional to various performance-based logistics (PBL) relationships. IFS’s innovative enterprise solutions are designed for the regulated A&D industry and markets where manufacturing, MRO, project and service functionality are business- and operationally-critical whilst also supporting global, core enterprise capabilities for managing finance, inventory and human resources. With flexible, modular and enterprise breadth, IFS solutions empower A&D organizations with the ability to quickly adapt and manage change whilst also delivering bottom-line value, increasing efficiencies and cost savings, and safeguarding compliance. IFS customers include BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, SAAB, GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, HAL, Emirates, LATAM, Qantas, China Airlines, Air France-KLM, and Southwest Airlines.

About the Aircraft IT Webinar Series:

Every 2 weeks the Aircraft IT website hosts a different live Webinar, each Webinar hosted by a different IT Vendor.  These sessions represent the perfect opportunity to learn about a software solution in a more informal manner and to quickly gain an in depth knowledge of all the major systems on the market, all from the comfort of your own office or home with no sales pressure.

The IT vendor provides a live software demonstration/masterclass of their solution and explains how it can benefit airlines, MROs, Operators, OEMs, Leasing Companies.  Once logged on, online delegates can ask questions via the interactive sections of the Webinar or simply sit back and watch and listen to the demonstration.  There are two sessions during the day, each differently times to accommodate all time zones.

Each Webinar session is recorded and an On-Demand version is then posted back to the Aircraft IT website a few days after the live session to allow you to view the content again with your colleagues.  The library of On-Demand Webinar recordings provide an invaluable reference source of MRO software demonstrations from the World's leading MRO IT Vendors.

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