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Aviation Maintenance Software Innovations & Plug-ins On-Demand Webinar [inc: Digital Doc Manager] [Pre-recorded]

On-Demand Webinar Title:
  Aviation Maintenance Software Innovations & Plug-ins On-Demand Webinar [inc: Digital Document Manager / Processor; Maintenance Reserves Calculations; Reliability Reporting; Data Migration & Back-up]

Date Recorded: 21st April 2016
Duration: 68 minutes

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Webinar Overview

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded on 21st April 2016) for an excellent chance to discover how the latest Aviation M&E / MRO technology innovations from ADSOFTWARE provide plug-ins and add-ons that can greatly enhance any Maintenance Information System.  This includes a demo of a unique, next-generation digital document manager / processing solution that ensures all received documents (SBs, ABs, AMM Updates, Invoices, etc), in any format, are automatically sent to and then updated in all relevant company-wide software solutions and apps.  As you will see this ensures key personnel always have quick access to the most up-to-date information.  You will also see demos of sophisticated tools for Maintenance Reserves Calculations; Data Migration, and more.

During the Webinar the ADSOFTWARE experts take you on a tour of these new M&E / MRO software plug-ins, designed to add greater value and performance to key maintenance data and which are, as you will see, extremely cost effective.  You will see software demos of the following solutions:
  • AIRBOX - Digital Document Manager / Processor: Built specifically for aviation you will see a demo of the new AIRBOX revolutionary all-in-one device for document indexing, processing and local storage.  You will see that AIRBOX ensures that all documentation, in all formats, are automatically sent to and then updated in all relevant company-wide software solutions and apps (the user redetermines which solution is to receive which type of document).   The example demos will cover the following scenarios: Implementation of ADs-SBs, Uploading of Invoices, Sample MPD Job Cards Integration with AMM updates.  You will also see the advanced search capabilities allowing the user to find any document or record in seconds.  
  • ADVISAIR - Maintenance Reserves Calculation: You will see how this new tool is used to calculate Maintenance Reserves at the start and end of an aircraft or engine lease.
  • Data Migration Studio & Back-Up: A look at a new clever tool which can quickly and easily migrate data into new IT Systems.  Also a demo of ADRESCUE to keep all key data safe and secure remotely.
  • AIRSTAT - Reliability Reporting: You will see how to create a detailed reliability report in just 5 minutes.
  • AIRWORK: A tool for sample record and to control all labour-related matters and costs on work orders.
During the Webinar you will also be taken on a brief high-level tour of ADSoftware's own MRO / M&E Software solution: AIRPACK, currently used by 53 companies worldwide and handling over 1500 aircraft worldwide.  As you will see during the Webinar, AIRPACK is one of the leading and most comprehensive MRO / M&E software packages; it successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of airlines, aviation operators (helicopter operators / General Aviation), MRO shops, CAMOs, and leasing companies; and fully satisfies EASA and FAA airworthiness standards.

Webinar Agenda:
  • An introduction and overview of ADSOFTWARE
  • Product and software demonstrations of the following solutions:
  • AIRBOX Software demonstration including:
    - Implementation of ADs-SBs
    - Implementation of invoices
    - Sample MPD job cards integration
  • DATA MIGRATION STUDIO: how to quickly and easily transfer data into a new IT System
  • AIRSTAT: Example of the creation of a reliability report in 5 minutes.
  • ADVISAIR: See the main functionalities to calculate Maintenance Reserves
  • ADRESCUE: Detailed demo of the remote backup service
  • AIRWORK: Sample record and control all labour-related matters and costs on work orders
  • Questions and Answers
About the Aircraft IT Webinar Series:

Every 2 weeks the Aircraft IT website hosts a different live Webinar, each Webinar hosted by a different IT Vendor. These sessions represent the perfect opportunity to learn about a software solution in a more informal manner and to quickly gain an in depth knowledge of all the major systems on the market, all from the comfort of your own office or home with no sales pressure.

The IT vendor provides a live software demonstration/masterclass of their solution and explains how it can benefit airlines, MROs, Operators, OEMs, Leasing Companies.  Once logged on, online delegates can ask questions via the interactive sections of the Webinar or simply sit back and watch and listen to the demonstration.  There are two sessions during the day, each differently times to accommodate all time zones.

Each Webinar session is recorded and an On-Demand version is then posted back to the Aircraft IT website a few days after the live session to allow you to view the content again with your colleagues.  The library of On-Demand Webinar recordings provide an invaluable reference source of MRO software demonstrations from the World's leading MRO IT Vendors.

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