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Financial Management

The Finance manager module of Rusada’s Envision ERP is designed to complement your own Financial accounting Software package and manage the individual transactional data associated with the activities performed within the individual Module Managers of the system. Your Finance software remains the master repository of your chart of accounts.

In principle, if one of over 30 pre-existing integrations to the likes of SAP, Oracle and others does not already provide the prescribed links then we can design and manage a new link for you as part of the installation. By working closely with your Finance department our team of consultants can help you determine and configure the system to seamless integrate with your accounting structure and any analysis coding you may employ.

Invoicing and its associated matching to orders, cost and assumed cost accounting functionality are integral parts of the Finance module along with the ability to handle multiple companies and multiple currencies.

Purchase invoice matching tools allow for full or partial matching as well as accounting for free of charge invoices. Matched costs will automatically update the stock valuation records within the Materials Manager module.

Costing of transactions such as hourly labour rates, parts allocated to tasks, services and additional costs such as shipping are all captured in the system and transactional logs for each account code ready for invoicing and passing to your finance software at a user defined period—this includes work in progress.

Parts sales, pricing and discount structure are also standard features that can be configured against relevant accounts for automation of sales processes. Transactions can be grouped also in order to produce a group invoice for multiple sales invoice lines if so desired. Credit checks, cash sales and account tax coding functionality built into the Module also ensures that the business continues to function in an efficient manner without blockages awaiting data entry approval if the process already conforms to a set of rules.

Finally, linking the chart of account codes to the workorder sytem employed by the Maintenance manager module ensures that transactional data automatically accrues against the correct account. Couple the time booking data from the Core Configuration module against employee information and the system automaticall generates data that can be passed directly to your company payroll after verification using Envision’s time booking exception and acceptance functionality.