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Main Contact: Ingo Simon

Telephone: T: +49 40 809081446



Address: SAVISCON GmbH Halenreie 44 22359 Hamburg Germany


The Webbased Aircraft Records Platform -WARP- enables lessors, operators and MRO companies to establish easy and efficient processes to manage maintenance records and lifecycle documentation. It integrates seamlessly into given MRO software and provides a safe data exchange and collaboration platform for all stakeholders of your aircraft.



SAVISCON provides products, consultancy and professional services for the Aviation Industry.  SAVISCON have profound knowledge in the aviation industry, specifically in maintenance and engineering processes, Technical Documentation and Technical Records. Additionally they provide wide knowledge and experience in other industrial areas such as plant engineering and construction or ship building.

WARP - Webbased Aircraft Records Platform

The audit-proof storage of maintenance documents for statutory periods is a crucial requirement for aircraft operators and maintenance companies. Every servicing or repair is accompanied by a considerable volume of paper documentation compiled as evidence of the work performed. These maintenance documents must be archived for long periods and protected from subsequent amendment in compliance with official regulations.

While the operational work with these documents is usually relatively straightforward, airlines and their maintenance partners regularly have to tackle major challenges when aircraft or engines are sold, transferred or returned to the lessor after several years in operation (lease return). Collecting aircraft and maintenance files and comparing them to the data in the maintenance system often leads to delays. These delays incur contractual penalties which depending on the delay can easily mount up to significant sums. If discovered that certain documents are not available, the respective maintenance work may have to be repeated, again incurring high costs.

To meet those challenges, we have developed an Webbased Aircraft Records Platform WARP, provided via cloud Services  as WARPweb which optimally enhances the most commonly used M&E software systems by adding an electronic archive and a collaboration platform. Our product primarily aims to support the phase-out and lease return processes, help the aircraft and its components retain their value and ensure compliance with the authorities' requirements.

To achieve this goal, the WARPweb exchanges maintenance data by interfacing customer’s existing M&E system, thus creating a close link between the archived documents and the maintenance information in the M&E system. Related data can be accessed by the stakeholders of an aircraft and its components. They can utilize a number of collaboration features in order to heavily reduce the challenges of data exchange e.g. during aircraft transfer projects.

Key functions
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Scalability
  • Online/SaaS-enabled
  • Local document scanning and uploads
  • Import interface for scan service providers
  • Configurable archive structure can be used as company-wide template
  • Meta-data and full-text search
  • Approval workflows for quality assurance
  • Role and rights concept for functions and data access
  • Integration into maintenance/ERP system
  • Completeness checking of scanned documents

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