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Management & Control System for Aircraft Maintenance

Sales Module

The Sales Module is specially addressed to cover all requirements related to sales -both for services and products- which arise mainly in  Maintenance workshops.

As regards services, this Module includes the possibility of managing customers Repair Requests (Work Scopes) facilitating budgeting and progress control. After having approved the customers Repair Requests, one or more Work Orders are logged on the system for the accomplishment of agreed works. On the products sale, this Module allows to handle multiple prices for each product to be commercialized. By means of simple queries it is possible to monitor in real-time the demand of any product such as the variation of purchase prices and sales, among others.

Main Functionalities:

• Management of Customers Purchase Requests

• Management of Customer Repair Requests (Work Scopes)

• Record of required works including special customer requirements (Non Routine)

• Management of different types of Sales Orders (service, repair, lease, loan, rental, exchange, etc.)

• Record of issued Vouchers

• Specification of costs, sale and purchase prices by product

• Costs, charges and profit analysis by Work Scope, Work Order, customer, etc.

• Configurable alerts by excess of hours and amounts among others according to budget

• Progress work control by tags and involved man hours.

• Non Routine management

• Materials allocation to Work Tags, Work Orders and Work Scopes

• Customer Management