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Main Contact: Kim Hansen

Telephone: +47 47998860



Address: Sweden, Norway

Cervino Consulting

Cervino Consulting is a consulting and service provider focused on the aviation and defence sectors.

Cervino Consulting

Cervino have application expertise within many MRO-systems such as AMOS and Maintenix and also hold extensive business knowledge from the aviation field. Cervino have participated in several implementations of MRO-systems over the past years and can act as independent advisors and/or resource provider in MRO-system projects. Both upgrades and new implementations are on our reference list.

Cervino offers preloaded test packages for AMOS and Maintenix implementations as well as training and Go Live-support. The test packages come with predefined test cases, methods of follow up, KPI’s and step-by-step test scenarios. There is also a data validation package that can be used to validate migrated data with a risk based methodology. The packages can be used for Module, System and User Acceptance tests and will give the test stream in a project a flying start and verified and proven results and structure.

Optimization and simulation is other fields of expertise where Cervino uses the OPUS Suite software to do advanced simulations and optimizations of complex MRO and operation businesses. For example optimization of the selection of high value rotables can be done with an analytical optimization approach. These projects typically results in up to 20% savings on a “No-pain No-Gain” basis.

Cervino was founded in 2013, have 24 employees and offices in Stockholm (HQ), Oslo and Gothenburg. A selection of Cervinos customers are Scandinavian Airlines, Flybe, The Swedish Airforce, Royal Thai Airforce, Hungarian Airforce, Czech Airforce, Avinor and Swedavia.