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AMICOS NG includes all necessary tools for planning and follow-up on maintenance activities.

Maintenance planning is based on due lists, which forecast all work to be performed on the aircraft during a selected period. This embraces items such maintenance checks, special inspections, component servicing, scheduled removals, modifications, SB´s and corrective action on deferred defects.

Work orders including work cards are generated as PDF files which can be printed and/or e-mailed for use in Base/Line maintenance or workshops.

Maintenance and pilot remarks are collected and can, together with deferred work, be integrated with planned scheduled work.

Reservation of rotable components, consumable items and tools can automatically be prepared upon issuing work orders.

Picking lists and part shortages are managed in the Logistics module.

All maintenance activities performed are documented on maintenance reports and components removed are accounted for on component change reports. All component changes and maintenance tasks are automatically and instantly updated with accomplishment time and next due calculations.

All maintenance activities are recorded in history files.