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Main Contact: Julien Albrecht

Telephone: +33 (0) 975 333 675



Address: ZA Aéroport de Nîmes Arles Camargue, 30 800 Saint Gilles - France

Aircraft Data Systems

A.D.S is a company specialized in the aviation industry. We offer an expert service in data entry and electronic archiving of aircraft maintenance records and many other document processes.

ADS Aircraft-Maintenance-Records

Aircraft Data Systems (ADS) was created in 2005. It is located in Nimes Airport in France, 45 kilometers away from two major south-of-France airports - Marseille and Montpellier.


A.D.S is a company specializing in aviation industry. A.D.S. is proposing data entry and electronic archiving of aircraft maintenance records.

A.D.S also provides services and IT services, specifically in entry and recovery of data, scanning, electronic archiving and documentation research of any type (Maintenance Tech Records, Component Maintenance Manuals, MPD, Tax declaration, Invoices, Travel Tickets Stocks, Flight Coupons, Air Waybill…).


Our professionals possess decades of experience and skills in Aviation industry domains such as Aircraft Maintenance, Maintenance Manuals drafting and editing, Airline Revenue Accounting, Financial and Accounting Audit.

We have have had too many cases where aircraft documentation was a key point in decision making. Whether in case of aircraft transaction, aircraft end-of-lease period, fleet maintenance planning, standard flight operations, fires, destruction or scrapping of aircraft, parts selling, etc.

Maintenance records are essential. A missing document can lead to a grounding of an aircraft, re-documenting expensive maintenance operations, unnecessary prolonging of time required for aircraft marketing and trading, hence creating underutilization and loss of revenue.

Products and services provided by ADS

  • Documents analysis
  • Documents digitizing
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals drafting and editing
  • Manual input of meaningful hand written information
  • Data reconfiguration
  • Data format conversions.
  • IT analysis and development

Our experiences

Since 2005, we have been contracted by many aviation professionals like Leasing Companies, MRO and airlines. We are storing records for more than 200 aircraft representing more than 20 000 000 pages.

Our software can be tailored upon customer requirement. This allows us to input and organize records in any architecture in order to meet the exact requirements and internal rules of our customers.

The records presentation is shaped according to our customer wishes.

A mechanic, a financial assessor or a leasing company representative don’t have the same needs to collect and explore records, but will be interested in the same content of data. Once scanned, the records can be presented, searched and exported in any customized way.

Some MRO’s are using our software and hardware to scan and manage their workpacks archiving and publishing. Once the CRS is signed, the workpack is scanned, recognized and indexed. It can be consulted on ADS web secured servers within couple of hours.

ADS is also in charge of drafting, maintaining, editing and publishing all the Aircraft Maintenance Manuals for the French Air Force Boeing KC/C-135R/FR on behalf of SABENA TECHNICS in Nimes. ADS have signed a long term contract to perform these documents operational maintenance.

ADS is also working for non-aviation business. We recovered all archives of the French Institute of Cinematography (Cinémathèque Française). The purpose of this project was to scan 250.000 hand written documents and input all contained information. This data contains the cast of characters of films and status of negatives. More than ten million lines of information had been extracted and retyped to constitute the first digital library of the film collections of the French Institute of Cinematography of Paris.

Many companies and airlines trust us the outsourcing of total or part of their document processing, digitizing and input for very sensitive data.

All our software and solution have been developed internally in order to always propose an optimum solution based on our customer needs, requirements and norms.

Our software have been developed and maintained to match the language and wording of our customers within the profession.

Our software can also be used in stand alone or deported mode and can be installed and used on any Microsoft platform.

Any of-the-shelve software can be included in our range of services to meet our customers’ requirements. Some of these software can be tied to ADS software to allow to them communicate and interact (AMOS, CAMPS, AMASIS…).

Our references 

Leasing companies :



SABENA Technics (FNI & BRU)




STELLA Aviation Technics

SUMITOMO Aircraft asset management 


Government Agencies


IATA France

Bank Of China (BOC)


Boeing Capital Corporation


Cinémathèque Française

Airlines and operator:

French Air Force

Air Caraïbes



Air Sénégal International

G&G Aviation (Italy)


AV Source (USA)

Flight-Line UK


Aigle Azur

AMSBV (Netherlands)

Air Madagascar


DAS Air Cargo


New Axis Airways

Air Méditerranée

The added value and our company's competitive advantage comes from our ability to provide end-to-end approach.

This approach combines the business expertise in the field of aviation, computer scanning and qualitative input information.

We offer more flexibility and a total transparency of our process and our procedures.