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Enigma Releases InService MRO 5.0, providing Major new functionality for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Aircraft and other complex equipment


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Enigma ReleaseS InService MRO 5.0, providing Major new functionality for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Aircraft and other complex equipment 

New Version Offers Dramatic Improvements for Asset Utilization, Inventory Optimization and Compliance

BURLINGTON, Mass.---February 7, 2011---Enigma Inc., the leading software company for improving complex service and parts processes, today announced the release of Enigma InService MRO 5.0, which represents a major upgrade of its best-in-class solution for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of capital equipment such as aircraft, locomotives and other complex assets. InService MRO 5.0 provides out-of-the-box publishing and delivery capabilities that fully integrates technical content into enterprise business processes. By improving the management and distribution of service and parts information throughout the maintenance and support organization—from planning, scheduling and procurement to line, heavy and shop maintenance—Enigma InService MRO 5.0 dramatically reduces equipment downtime, helps to optimize parts inventory and logistics, and ensures regulatory compliance.

InService MRO 5.0 gives users total control over technical content distribution and integration processes, allowing them to add data sources, modify/repurpose deliverables and adjust publishing schedules according to evolving maintenance requirements. The system is the first in the world with the capability to process SGML (S1000D, ATA2200 and 2300) XML and PDF under one unified approach. No longer do companies need to wait weeks or months to rollout new service and parts information to mechanics or to update maintenance and inventory plans; these activities can now be completed in a matter of minutes or hours to address real-world service priorities.

InService MRO 5.0 incorporates optional modules to simplify the management and rollout of service and parts updates and revisions, to generate complete and accurate job/task cards and to seamlessly integrate with business enterprise systems. With InService Revision Manager, users can quickly reconcile OEM updates and customer-ordered changes (COCs) with existing service and parts information, guaranteeing that mechanics and technicians are always working from a complete and accurate maintenance encyclopedia. InService Job Card Generator dynamically creates up-to-date, self-contained job cards with all relevant service and parts information needed to complete a repair. Out-of-the-box application programming interfaces (APIs) and standardized integrations with popular ERP systems (like Oracle and SAP) ensure the latest parts and service information is automatically loaded into inventory, logistics, configuration management and maintenance planning systems to optimize all aspects of aftermarket business.

The new version of InService MRO also increases the efficiency and accuracy of integrating relevant technical content with critical IT business systems. Enigma InService MRO 5.0 has a web service API and an extensive SDK, ensuring fast deployment, customization and integration with enterprise ERP, EAM and SCM solutions. InService MRO 5.0 can be implemented as a traditional enterprise software solution, on a company’s premises, or as an off-site hosted (SaaS) solution.

“InService MRO 5.0 is the only service and parts solution in the market that is designed for integration with other critical business systems, to guarantee that maintenance operations are fast, accurate and profitable,” said Jonathan Yaron, CEO of Enigma. “Distribution of up-to-date maintenance content is crucial to maintenance planning and execution and is vital to improving first time fix rates, turnaround time, compliance, inventory management and logistics,” added Yaron.

Enigma InService MRO 5.0 enables maintenance organizations to accomplish the following:

  • Manage ongoing content publishing and updating cycles and distribute approved content to multiple channels and devices
  • Manage various content types (manuals, catalogs, best practices, etc.) from multiple sources (OEM, field engineers, suppliers, etc.) across different business processes (maintenance, procurement, planning, etc.)
  • Control all system and user processes, content flow, access rights and personalization
  • Find relevant service information through serial number, configuration and fault-code filtering
  • Maintain an updated bill of materials for each asset
  • Deliver service and parts information offline or online
  • Integrate easily with IT and ERP systems, via a SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) standards-based (J2EE) web application
  • Manage both structured (SGML, XML) and unstructured content (PDF, images, binary); any schema or DTD, including S1000D, ATA2200 and variety of military specs.

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About Enigma
Enigma is the only software company delivering a product suite that improves the efficiency, consistency and profitability of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations and aftermarket sales and service organizations. Enigma’s unique products integrate with product lifecycle management, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning and other enterprise applications to provide a dynamic encyclopedia of service, parts and diagnostic information that captures technicians’ expertise and manages an optimal service and support workflow. By facilitating aftermarket maintenance, parts logistics and equipment uptime, Enigma helps service and support organizations maximize their profitability.  For more information, visit and

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