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Commsoft - 2015 In Review


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2015 In Review – A Year of Continuing Innovation and Market Wins

29th January 2016
For Commsoft, 2015 was a year of continuing innovation and improvement, matched by accelerating sales successes. This was emphasised by several new customers selecting OASES as their chosen MRO IT solution, firmly demonstrating the business value and quality that Commsoft and OASES bring to the market.

Continuing Innovation
The development of OASES over the past year followed the adoption of an extensively-redesigned new Formal Release model with an aggressive development roadmap that was set out in 2014. The past twelve months have seen a range of useful new value generating tools and functionality in formal releases FR1, FR2 and FR3.

Amongst these was the development of a new OASES Mobile App, allowing information to be accessed anywhere, anytime. This innovation was a result of the close cooperation that Commsoft encourages with its client base and was just one of several improvements and developments made to OASES during 2015 through frequent customer community exchanges and detailed analysis of service requests in the highly-successful web-based OASES Servicedesk.  Many more mobile applications are planned for 2016. The past year has also seen a significant increase in the range of interfaces between OASES and finance, ERP and operations systems, thus further driving greater business value.

The growing market successes have in part been facilitated by further investment in support resources allied to extensive enhancements in data migration tools and the recruitment of additional expert implementation staff. Commsoft also significantly expanded its OASES private cloud platform and approximately half of all new customers are currently opting for this facility.

In addition, Commsoft embarked upon a visual transformation of the company, including new branding for OASES that emphasises the company’s drive to continue to modernise and innovate its flagship product now and in the future.

Market Wins
Over the course of 2015, Commsoft welcomed twelve new customer operations to the OASES community from eight countries, of which, nine are airlines, one an MRO organisation, one a CAMO bureau and another, a specialist aviation service provider. They also include Commsoft’s first customer in Central Asia and key major airlines in South East Asia and Central Europe.

The differing business areas of these new customers all serve to demonstrate the growing flexibility of OASES in managing ever-diverse, complex technical operations around the globe. OASES’ global reach has been further boosted as Commsoft’s extensive network of CAMO partners has added corporate aviation and airline customers, such as Limitless Airways in Croatia, and others in Africa, the CIS and Europe:

RVL Group is one of the world’s leading specialist aviation service providers. The group encompasses an airline, an aerial work company and an aircraft engineering facility. It operates and maintains its own fleet, providing services to a range of private and public sector clients throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa in areas as diverse as aerial surveillance and survey, passenger and cargo ad-hoc and long-term charter, temporary and permanent aircraft modifications for project work, and aerial spraying of pollution dispersants.

VIM Airlines, one of Russia’s largest airlines, selected OASES to support both its scheduled and charter passenger operations, including its current fleet of ten Boeing 757-200s and four Airbus A319s.

Sriwijaya Air, a leading and fast growing Indonesian airline, signed to use OASES for the ongoing maintenance of its fleet of 38 Boeing 737 Classic and 737-800s. The contract also covers Sriwijaya Air’s subsidiary, Nam Air, which is currently operating five Boeing 737-500s. Based at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Sriwijaya Air was founded in 2003 and is now the third largest scheduled airline in Indonesia, operating an extensive domestic route network as well as some regional services.

Travel Service, the largest airline group in the Czech Republic, also joined the OASES community by signing a deal to manage its current fleet of 31 Boeing 737NGs and 2 Airbus A320s. Founded in 1997, Travel Service operates an extensive European LCC route network under the SmartWings brand as well as charter flights and ACMI operations. With subsidiary airlines in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, each of which operates under a separate AOC, Travel Service aircraft fly to more than 300 airports on four continents.

UVT Aero, a regional airline based in Bugulma and Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, also signed to use Commsoft’s flagship MRO solution for scheduled and charter passenger operations. Using a fleet of eight Bombardier CRJ-200 regional airliners, they fly scheduled routes which include Bugulma to Moscow Domodedovo and Kazan to Moscow Vnukovo as well as Kazan to St. Petersburg and Sochi.

Romaero chose OASES to control its base maintenance activities at its hangars at Bucharest Baneasa Airport in Romania. The system will enable this leading MRO organisation to support third-party airlines and commercial operators from all over Europe. Romaero was founded in 1920 and operates in the fields of aerostructure maintenance and repair for civil and military transport aircraft. It is the largest company in the Romanian aerospace industry. Previous projects have included the building of BAC 1-11 and BN2 Islander aircraft under licence from UK manufacturers. Amongst Romaero 's MRO customers are the Romanian Air Force as well as airlines such as Swift Air, Travel Service, SCAT and Air Italy.

Somon Air, a private, fast-growing airline based in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, selected OASES for its developing airline CAMO activities which will control the airline's six-strong fleet of Boeing 737 'Classic' and NG aircraft. OASES will be implemented by existing Commsoft customer FL Technics, further demonstrating the community aspect of the growing worldwide OASES customer base.

moreJet, founded in 2013 and based in Hampshire, UK, signed to use OASES for planned CAMO activities. moreJet offers turnkey solutions from initial aircraft acquisition through to the complete management and aftercare of large business jets. The company will be using OASES initially in support of its CAMO approval application with the UK CAA and subsequently for its planned ongoing CAMO activities across a variety of aircraft types, including Boeing 737 ‘Classic’ and Airbus aircraft in corporate aviation use.

Nick Godwin, Managing Director of Commsoft, commented: “With over 100 aircraft added to OASES in 2015 from our new and growing client base, we are now serving over 90 aviation engineering operations spread over more than 42 countries on 6 continents.”