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Aero One® 4.8 : Advanced employees and tools management


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Aero One® 4.8 : Advanced employees and tools management

The Aero One 4.8 release includes some major changes in the execution module. Management of resources has been largely improved as well as tools management. Discover below what's on the agenda !

We are very proud and pleased to release the 4.8 version of Aero One® with quite major improvements to facilitate and optimize your maintenance execution.

First, we have added a bunch of features to manage effectively human resources affected to work orders. It starts with enhanced layouts of the work order and task list : you can now directly access to relevant logistic information through a 'Details' tab. This includes required qualifications for maintenance operations through 'Qualification' sub tab. Easy and straightforward.

Also, Aero One®  is getting one step further with employee assignment and qualification controls : These features ensure that you indeed have the staff for the job, but also, the qualified one. You really just have to follow Aero One®'s warnings !

Of course, we have worked hard to make these features as intuitive as possible with a layout that shouldn't bother your habits ! It is most likely that you will be able to use those features without referring to the ‘How-To’...
Besides, it's easy to edit and print the list of operations assigned to your employees, Aero One® will filter automatically work by employee !

Second major improvement, is the ability to manage tools with different levels of administration depending on your requirements: from simple tools to complex tools that are tracked in your stocks, you will get all the necessary to have an efficient combination between tasks, human resources, spares and tools. 

Basically, tools can be assigned to task list in order to plan availabilities, and when task lists are added to work orders, Aero One® will automatically display availabilities of the tools : A tools status cockpit makes it really straightforward. Just open the tools status transaction, and read the lights ! 

Of course, you can define required tools for any work order under going, the 'tools' tab is easy to use and allows correlating a tool to an operation.

Assigning/issuing a tool for a specific work order / operation can be done easily through the logistic cockpit, as you would do for any parts to issue for maintenance.

Traceability and efficiency are on the program !

Finally, we also added other nice touches to this release, download and have a look our 4.8 Release Note to see what’s new !

As per the Aero One®'s team work in progress, we should deliver a new release (4.9) somewhere in Q1 2017 with, among other features, penalties management for aircraft and equipment counters. Stay tuned.