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Royal Air Maroc Saves Fuel and Reduces its Carbon Emissions Thanks to SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency

The Moroccan National carrier Royal Air Maroc has just implemented SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency, OpenAirlines eco-flying solution which aims to assess flight efficiency and to substantially reduce the fuel consumption of their aircraft.

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Tail Planning Optimization & Assignment Software Demo & Overview Webinar

Webinar Session 1 - 06:30 UTC/GMT - 28th July 2016 - Tail Planning Optimization Webinar

Webinar Session 2 - 14:30 UTC/GMT - 28th July 2016 - Tail Planning Optimization Webinar

Register to attend this Webinar for a great opportunity to see a full overview and demo of an industry leading Tail Planning, Optimization and Assignment software solution from IFS. During the Webinar, the experts from IFS will take you through the key elements involved in optimizing the utilization of your fleet and then will show you how the solution integrates with any M&E / MRO solution to improve the utilization and maintenance planning of your fleet by intelligently aligning the appropriate tail with each flight in the schedule. You will also see how it will help manage short term changes to the schedule and appropriate aircraft replacement.

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Airport Database & Performance Software Demonstration Webinar

Webinar Session 1 - 07:00 UTC/GMT - 1st December 2016 - Airport Database & Performance Demo Webinar

Webinar Session 2 - 15:00 UTC/GMT - 1st December 2016 - Airport Database & Performance Demo Webinar

Register to attend this Webinar and see an as live online demonstration of the hugely popular and unique Airport Database, from ACFT PERFO - part of the ADMS (Aviation Data Management Suite) Software Solution. During the Webinar you will see how the Airport Database integrates with and greatly enhances any performance software; how the airport database is updated on a 24/7 basis; and how to design an Engine Failure Procedure, before and after V1, using ADMS.

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