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TOPLINK: Opening the way to new System Wide Information Services

TOPLINK, a SESAR* demonstration project led by THALES, is bringing together fourteen European partners to test a new set of services for use in Air Traffic Management (ATM). Taking place in 2015 and 2016, the tests, in live operational conditions on at least 200 flights over Europe and Africa, will aim to demonstrate the benefits for ATM stakeholders (ANSPs, Airlines, Airport operators) of the deployment of a new System Wide Information Services, including Meteorological Services, Aeronautical Information Services, cooperative Network Services, and Flight Information Services (for their non-safety-critical aspects).

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Live Airline / Operator Fuel-Efficiency Software Demonstration & Masterclass Webinar

Webinar Session 1 - 06:30 UTC/GMT - 25th June 2015 - Fuel Efficiency Software Demo Webinar

Webinar Session 2 - 14:30 UTC/GMT - 25th June 2015 - Fuel Efficiency Software Demo Webinar

Fuel is the #1 cost for any airline or operator, typically representing more than 30% of the total costs. This webinar will walk you through how to establish an efficient fuel conservation program (or to greatly enhance an existing program) that has been proven to save 2-4% on fuel consumption with limited investment.

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Live EFB and XML Document Management Masterclass and Software Demo Webinar

Webinar Session 1 - 06:30 UTC/GMT - 2nd July 2015 - Ovidius EFB & XML Documents Webinar

Webinar Session 2 - 14:30 UTC/GMT - 2nd July 2015 - Ovidius EFB & XML Documents Webinar

Register to attend this excellent Operations Manuals and Documentation masterclass and software demonstration Webinar. During the Webinar you will see how an XML based work flow for creating, managing and publishing your manuals in print, online and in EFB applications opens up new possibilities for smart content, that can help pilots and cabin crew find the right information more quickly [via EFB, iPad and Tablet devices], lower IT costs, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

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